COmplete Hydroponics Solutions

GreenOponics provides affordable greenhouse solutions for growers of all sizes, commercial growers, retail stores, schools and universities, scientific research, Nurseries, Government agencies, wastewater treatment houses, landscaping, botanic gardens, research, biotech and more.

GreenOponics Agricultural Services LLC is a leading & specialized greenhouse design/build contractor for new greenhouse construction, greenhouse system installation and greenhouse maintenance across UAE.

Our Service Includes –

1) Installation of greenhouses
1.1. Greenhouse dimensions and plan design
1.2. Foundation
1.3. Steel structure
1.4. Covering
1.5. Cooling & Ventilation System
1.6. Dimensions and Electrical installation

2) Installation of greenhouse systems
2.1. Reversed osmosis system
2.2. Fertigation system
2.3. Growing systems set up
a.  Hydroponics
b.  Aquaponics

GreenHouse – Design & Planning

  • Developing a comprehensive master plan for your commercial greenhouse structure.
  • As per the requirement, we will recommend frame type, size, covering,  steel structure, cooling & ventilation systems and other equipment configuration that help you to meet your project requirement.
  • Detailed quotation with all the necessary component to be included in the project. 
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GreenHouse – Construction & Training

  • Greenoponics Greenhouse construction services offer a single source solution with the bunch of greenhouse construction experts for your proposed project.
  • Majority of our average span of commercial greenhouses are constructed, installed, and ready to use in less than 4-6 week.
  • We conduct an informative training session to educate on the operations, capabilities, and functionalities of your new built greenhouse.
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For Commercial Growing Systems / Customised Hydroponics Farming Setup
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    Commercial & Customised Hydroponics Farming Setup

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