GreenOponics Agricultural Services LLC is created as an attempt to bring farming closer to those who have been deprived of the joy and opportunity of growing plants at home due to less space, time and resources.

The idea of adapting the hi-tech hydroponics system for the simple small-scale farming method which can be easily fit even in a small balcony of any apartments born from our urge to help the urban crowd find and rekindle their passion for farming.

The range of products we offer is developed keeping in mind the restrictions of a city dweller face in terms of space, time and resources.

Benefit of growing Soil-less with Hydroponics

Less space – you can grow 20-28 plants within 1.2 space

No soil No mess
Plants grows in nutrient laced water

Less pest attacks
compared to traditional growing.

Grow Anything, Anywhere, Anytime

70-80% Less water required compared to tradional farming technique

Higher Yields – Hydroponic gardens are far more productive for their size

Better Results – Hydroponics produces better tasting, more nutritional results.

All your hydroponic garden needs is a system, water, light, seeds and nutrients. You’ll grow more in shorter time than traditional gardens, without the bugs and dirt.

What you can grow ?

Tomato, Cucumber, Lady finger/Okra, Brinjal,Chillies, Bitter gouard, Cauliflower etc

Leafy Vegetables / Greens
Amarathus, Broccoli, Ice burg lettuce, Spinach, Butter head lettuce, Romaine lettuce, Purslane, Kulfa, Kale.

Rosemary, Thyme, Mint, Basil, Coriander etc.

We do build Customised/Commercial  Hydroponics Systems and provide Greenhouse Solutions

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Why GreenOponics System for Home Growing ?

We Provide complete plug-n-play vegetable growing system with complete accesories and support.

  • FREE seasonal outdoor plants.
  • FREE nutrients.
  • FREE EC and PH Meter.
  • FREE demo, technical guidance.
  • Free seasonal crop calendar.
  • FREE online support(Email, phone).
  • FREE expert visits to your home.
  • FREE delivery and Installation within UAE.


“Unique Way To Grow Vegetables In Home Balconies – Soil-Less Way”

for Groups at Your Premises.

    Best Hydroponics Systems For Home Growing

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    Customer Diaries – Hydroponics farming at Home / Villa / Apartment

    Greenoponics customer from across UAE are growing different herbs, greens and vegetables in their home balcony, indoor and garden spaces.

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