Living in an apartment with less or no space for growing vegetables? No time for tending to the garden or watering regularly? Does not like the mess and soiled fingers? Still, would like to relax in the home garden after a long stressful day of work?? Would love to have home grown fresh pesticide-free fresh vegetables on the dinner table? Would like the young generation to experience the basic farming methods?

GreenOponics Agricultural Services LLC is created as an attempt to bring farming closer to those who have been deprived of the joy and opportunity of growing plants at home due to less space, time and resources.

The idea of adapting the hi-tech hydroponics system for the simple small-scale farming method which can be easily fit even in a small balcony of any apartments born from our urge to help the urban crowd find and rekindle their passion for farming.

Our motive behind such an attempt is to encourage sustainability in a small manner without having the customers to sacrifice much time, effort and money.

The range of products we offer is developed keeping in mind the restrictions a city dweller face in terms of space, time and resources. Our design team had kept the vision and interest of the end user in mind, who will like to grow different types of vegetables in one unit.

Passionate about nature, we have adopted the methods to cut down the water usage to 60 – 70 % for home farming. Moreover, farming is a long process, wherein we would like to support you throughout the entire journey of farming right from seeds to the final product and thus the idea of online support and free training to customers are born. We want to be with you throughout this farming expedition to a fruitful ending, with our nutrients, free training, and online support.

We are supported by a series of world-renowned agriculturists in our endeavor as technical advisers.