Ready to Grow Like a Pro? Join Our Hydroponics Training Program!

 Dive into our comprehensive training program to learn about the future of farming through hydroponics. Gain valuable insights into home hydroponics, commercial setups, greenhouse management, and embark on immersive farm tours. Let’s grow together! 🌿🏡🚀


    1. Introduction to Hydroponics

      • Understanding the fundamentals of hydroponic farming.
    2. Plant Science

      • Exploring the science behind plant growth and development.
    3. Hydroponic Systems

      • Learning about different hydroponic setups and their applications.
    4. Hydroponic Nutrients

      • Understanding the essential nutrients required for hydroponic plants.
    5. Plants – Growing Process, Controls Required

      • , Delving into the growth cycle of hydroponic plants and necessary environmental controls.
    6. Operation and Control of Quality

      • Managing and maintaining quality standards in hydroponic farming.
    7. Balcony and Rooftop Farming – How To?

      • Practical insights into setting up hydroponic systems in limited spaces.
    8. Commercial Farming, Controlled Environment – Greenhouse / Nethouse, Indoor Vertical, Farm Tour

      • Examining large-scale greenhouse & hydroponics facility (Greenhouse facility is under maintenance, so there no actual operation inside greenhouse, but viewing actual systems, setups, working mechanism will be explained and practical tours of different farming setups (Live small scale hydroponics systems).
    9. Q&A, Conclusion

      • Engaging in discussions and summarizing key takeaways from the training.
    10. Other farm tour – Includes Aquaculture farm, goat farm, duck farm 
Full day session: Saturday, May 11, 2024, 10 am – 5 pm (2 tea breaks, lunch break)
Fee: 500 AED (Includes Hydroponic Starter kit – EEZEE , Refreshments, Lunch)
Special Group Discount Available! Contact us for details.
For booking contact us on call or whatsapp 042221996, 0552800693, 0566826871 or [email protected]