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Hydroponic Systems

Vertical garden tower system

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Commercial Hydroponics and GreenHouse Farming

We help you to set up large-scale Greenhouse hydroponics projects to produce high quality and nutritional vegetables for consumption in both local and international markets

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    Greenoponics Systems - Grow Fresh, Eat Healthy

    Greenoponics Systems – Eat Fresh, Live Healthy

    Hydroponics is the latest technology used worldwide to grow plants without soil in nutrient-laced water.

    Grow fresh healthy, pesticide-free Vegetables, Greens and Herbs in your home, School, restaurants or office space within 1 space.

    With our Hydroponic Systems, you can grow big plants like Lettuce, Mint, Kale, baby marrow, okra, tomato, capsicum, cauliflower etc in a hassle-free manner.

    Hydroponics System for Home Balcony

    Greenoponics hydroponic system is an attempt to bring farming closer to those who have been deprived of the joy and opportunity of growing plants at home due to less space, time and resources.

    The idea of adapting the hi-tech hydroponics system for the simple small-scale farming method which can be easily fit even in a small balcony of any apartments or garden space.

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    Hydroponics Farming in Schools

    Greenoponics is encouraging agricultural sustainability and propagating the idea of “Growing Vegetables using Hydroponics(soil-less)” amongst the student community.

    We have introduced Soil-less farming in many schools across UAE  and have trained more than 2000 students in hydroponics farming techniques.

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    Growing Herbs, Greens in Hotel & Restaurants

    Our automated Hydroponic system for Hotels and  Restaurants helps you to grow plants (herbs, greens and vegetables) in just 1.2 square meters of space thereby helping you to cultivate tasty, healthy,  pesticide-free produce. Let your food talk!!

    Grow fresh Mint, Kulfa, Zather, Jarjeer, Coriander, Lettuce, Kale, Amaranth by adding some greenary to the space.

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