Dronii Dutch Bucket System – Garden/Rooftops/Farms

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د.إ3,000.00 د.إ2,499.00 excl. vat

Dronii Dutch Bucket System is designed to grow any types of plants including herbs, greens and big plants like tomato, cucumber, bell peppers, brinjal, beans, okra etc. It uses effective nutrient re circulation technique which avoids loss of nutrients solution during the watering and feeding process. A submersible pump connected to the water tank and timer, helps to pump the nutrient solution to plants at regular intervals through the drip system.

Product Details:
  • Buckets can be placed on the floor or table
  • Any number of buckets can be placed based on space availability
  • Each bucket can hold two plants*
  • It can be used for different types of plants.
  • Buckets contains growing medium like cocopeat, perlite, claybolls to maintain the moisture and hold the plant
  • FREE supply of selected plants
  • FREE delivery within UAE
  • FREE online support
  • FREE installation
Specification :
  • Dimension : Can be customized according to the space availability
Items Included in Package :
  • Dronii Dutch Buckets
  • Growth XL Nutrient Solutions – 2 Bottles
  • Water Reservoir
  • Re-circulating submersible Pump
  • Programmable Timer
  • Drip emitters
  • Fittings & connections
  • PVC pipe for irrigation and return line
  • Siphon Elbows