Floor standing Hydroponic System/Kit : E’VA-G1220 (DIY)

د.إ500.00 excl. vat

Best hydroponic system for growing herbs, greens and vegetables like lettuce, basil, mint, tomato, cucumber, brinjal, okra, etc within 1 Sqm space in your balcony or garden area.

  • It is free-standing on the floor model.
  • Suitable for different sets of plants
  • 20 plants in one system.
  • Suitable for balcony, sit-outs, rooftops, common spaces, passages, outdoors.
  • Online support
Specification :
  • 80 cm Height
  • 120 cm Length
  • 80 cm WIdth
Items Included in Package :
  • 5 Growing Channel
  • Water Reservoir
  • Re-circulating Pump
  • Oxygenator
  • Programmable Timer
  • Powder Coated Growing Structure
  • Growing medium-Perlite
  • Grow cups

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