Hydroponic vertical farm

Greenoponics indoor vertical farming system significantly increases crop yield per square meter by creating a vertical growing environment using grow light. The same system can be customized according to the room/building or warehouse dimensions to set up the fully-fledged indoor vertical farm.

Product details
  • Can grow 280-560 plants per system
  • 365 days of production capacity
  • Automated, plug & play unit
  • UV & Ozone water purification system
  • Portable / on castor wheels
  • Minimal requirement of Water/Electricity/Time
  • Specially designed for all types of leafy vegetables
  • FREE delivery & Installation within UAE
  • FREE online support
  • FREE training on a hydroponics system
Specification :
  • Dimension: 2.6m L x 1.4m W x 2.4m H


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