We are encouraging agricultural sustainability and propagating the idea of “Growing Vegetables, Herbs and Greens using Hydroponics(soil-less)” amongst the student community.

GreenOponics introduced Soil-less farming in many schools across UAE and have trained more than 2000 students in Hydroponics training.

Benefits of Food Gardening at School

Hands On Experiential Learning

It provides hands-on and experiential learning opportunities on hi-tech innovative and sustainable farming technique.

Students can understand the lifecycle of plants, required nutrients, seasonal plants, water consumption and how to produce fresh, pesticide-free healthy foods.

A Florida-based research shows following benefits for students – 

Natural environments encourage resilience, flexibility and develop a sense of ecological self.

Nature helps reduce stress in children, improve academic achievements, creativity and imagination.

Environment based education increased critical thinking skills in high school students.

An opportunity for children to learn about nutrition and supports healthy eating choices.

Connect with nature: Healthy minds, healthy bodies

Catch them young

Let the children get hooked on the beauty of plants and agriculture from early tears on…

Assign each plant installed in our system to a child and see how fast they can get involved in the day to day growing/ cultivation process.

Parent interaction along with the child in the  Plant growing process will create an extra bonding.

With this, we intend to develop an early liking and understanding in children about plants so that they can get to see the growth stages of a plant and be fascinated by the plant world.


Free training to Teachers & Students from Hydroponics Experts

Growing veggies, Herbs and greens using Hydroponics technique has never been easy.

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    How to incorporate Hydroponics into your curriculum ?

    • Have a mini farm setup and assign to each grade.
    • Have a competition between grades on farming.
    • Conduct farmers day and invite parents.
    • Have a farm where they can sell the produces to the parents.

    Make agriculture fascinating  options for the new generation.  Conduct a competition among grades as to who is achieving the maximum yield. Let them show off their agricultural skills to their proud parents. 

    Have a farmers’ day especially for parents and let the entrepreneurial, math, science skills of children soar !!

    Great Educational Tool for the Kids

    In these days of conservation and resources, it is a great way to show the students every day that there are ways to try and be a little more self-sustaining and have less of an impact on the environment.

    In Student community,
    Instil the values and importance of 

    • Agricultural sustainability
    • Fresh and healthy produce
    • Pesticide-free (up to a certain extent) food
    • Less water consumption
    • Less carbon footprint; thereby reducing global warming (upto a certain extent) 
    • Higher and guaranteed yield
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    Hydroponics farming in Schools – UAE

    Many Schools in Dubai, Sharjah, Abu Dhabi started growing different vegetables, Herbs and Greens in their school’s premises and got appreciation from parents community, DSIB and ADEK.