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Right to change:

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Products & services:

  • The pictures of the products may not provide the rightful look or feel of the actual product and you may not hold us responsible and hold us in the law of the court.
  • We reserve the right to whom we may do the sale and we have to right to deny the sales to you.
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  • It is solely our discretion that how the pricing will change at any time.

Disclaimer of warranties and consequential damage: Limitation of liability

  • WE do not provide guarantee or warranty on our products or services and also do not give the guarantee on the end result of the usage of any of our products.
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  • We do not warrant that the quality of our products, services, information and the performance will meet your expectations.
  • You may note that we have the complete authority to stop the production of the services/ product we offer at any time for any period of time.
  • In no event, we will be liable for any damages what so ever, including without limitations, incidental and consequential damage, lost profits after the usage of our products and services.
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Billing/ Delivery/ Shipment:

  • WE have the right to refuse any order placed by you. We reserve the right to decide whom we sell in what quantities.
  • You may provide the right shipping address anytime you place an order with us and if any error in doing so will result in cancellation of the order.
  • We may not be liable for any unintentional mistake in case of omissions, inaccuracies, errors in the billing or product or delivery schedules, transit times and availability of our products and services.
  • We reserve the right to correct any errors which have occurred, update any omissions or cancel orders in any of the information cited in the website without any prior notice.