Why Greenoponics ?

  • We offer total solutions for Hi-tech hydroponics urban farming.
  • We just don’t sell machines alone and leave you in a lurch. We give you complete support through your journey of urban farming and giving you training, accessories etc. (such as PH meter, EC meter).
  • We provide nutrients to achieve maximum yield.
  • We offer solutions for issues you face in urban farming such as space constrained, lack of time by innovatively creating miniature commercial hydroponics systems.
  • We provide online technical support.
  • We will try to give solutions for all your daily farming queries or problems.
  • Our systems are fully automated and it ensures the continuous supply of oxygenated water, nutrients etc.
  • No need to day to day supervision or watering or tending to plants.
  • We have been developed systems and solutions guidance of world-renowned hydroponics experts.